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Running an incubator is a people business!

There are many different stakeholders to engage: startup founders, sponsors, mentors, investors... All you need is the right tool!
What if there was a way to make everything easy?
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MeltingSpot is able to replace an average of 13 tools used daily by a community builder.


Close leads 3 times faster with community vs. inbound


A message delivered to your community is 10x more likely to be read than a social media post.

You're not alone!

A dedicated CSM

One of our happy Community Success Managers will be dedicated to your account for any support. Yes, at MeltingSpot, CSM stands for Community Success Manager.

Work with a Sidekick.

Not enough time to spare for your community? MeltingSpot provides you with an expert from a few hours to several days a week to build, grow and engage your community.

Plug & Play

A "ready to use" content catalogue specifically targeted at Accelerators & VCs to help them start a community for their founders (literally) overnight: lives talks, content library and templates

See what these happy users have to say 😍

See what these happy users have to say 😍

Anne-Gaëlle Fauchon
Marketing Manager @Younited
We had two priorities: talking to our prospects in a different way and providing them with relevant content. MeltingSpot allowed us to create and engage our community of prospects.
Margot Alliod
B2B Marketing manager @Esker
We have a partner ecosystem that revolves around our solutions. We wanted to animate them regularly, present them with new features, and share best practices. We brought them together in a spot, which was very much appreciated by our teams but also by our partners

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